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Dream of owning the perfect Designer Home? Well, most of us do! And the good news is that you can give flight to your fantasies without having to shelve out exorbitant sums from your pocket. That’s right. With the aid of a few simple interior decoration tips, you can easily give flight to your dreams. Very often it is the tiniest of things, which have the most profound impact. Here are 5 hacks to transform your home into a designer home:

  1. Use softer hues and shades to provide an illusion of space: Painting your rooms with a softer colour theme may surely give an illusion of a larger area. Instead of using contrast colours in the same room, one can go for various shades of the same colour. Applying brighter and softer colours to the walls will reflect the light present in the room even in a better way and in turn will make your room look even larger.
  2. Work on layering your overall lighting: Using multiple levels of intensities and layering of illumination always enhances the look of the room and provides a mesmerizing ambiance. Decorative lamps are a must for every room, be it table lamps, floor lamps or hanging ones. Gallery art lightning or smaller accent lights should be fitted to cast a special focus on a particular section. A chandelier with shaded bulbs in the dining area or in the living room adds a lavish look to the décor. Your closets and kitchen cabinets should also be illuminated with adequate fixtures to add that oomph factor and assist you in your work. Dimmers also play a vital role in intensifying or highlighting the different portions of the room.
  3. Play around with mirrors to create a designer aura: Mirrors possess a great quality of adding dimensions and light to a room by creating an illusion of a bigger place. Use of large decorative mirrors at proper places will intensify the look of your house. If you have less source of natural light then placing a huge mirror opposite to the window will illuminate the house immensely with natural light. Embellished mirrors can also act as fillers for your empty walls.
  4. Accessorize with delightful greens: Plants are the best resort to accessorise your living space. They add colour and texture to your rooms and yet are inexpensive. You can place large, small and colourful plants at various places in your house. They will make the household air fresh and will absorb the pollutants also. Also don’t forget to have mosquito-repelling measures in place around the plants.
  5. Be bold enough to experiment: Don’t be hesitant in experimenting with your ideas. Mix up different patterns and textures together. You can even mix and match contemporary and retro themes, where multi-era items can be placed with each other like an antique looking centre table with a contemporary couch. Correct usage of rugs, cushions, patterns and colours can transform your living place into an attractive dwelling place, filled with warmth.


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